Here’s the easier way to get more people through your door

Reach a brand new audience when you turn your empty spaces into Spacestowork

After all the love and attention you’ve carefully poured into your space, it deserves to be filled with guests.

But not just any old guests...

These are guests who recognise the importance of unique spaces. They love locations that are original, personal and full of character. They’re drawn to spaces that mean something. Spaces just like yours.

Chances are, your Spacestowork guests won’t just work in your space.

They’ll come back to visit it again and again. They’ll fall in love with it, just like you did. And you’ll reach a brand new audience base.

Think of us as an extension of your team. Finding you new visitors, new guests and new customers, without any of the rigmarole you usually have to go through.

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What if someone else could fill those spots for you?

Imagine being able to list your empty seats at the click of a button. And knowing that there’s a decent chance they’re going to be filled.

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Run your bookings on autopilot

When capacity management comes as standard, managing your availability becomes second nature. Add your available spaces. Block out public holidays or busy periods. Make the most of your space, with just a few taps of a button.

With automatic booking acceptance, your availability will be updated instantly. Because capacity management shouldn’t be hard.

Spaces to work audience

The easiest way to reach a new audience

When you join Spacestowork, you’re not just signing up for a booking platform. You’re reaching a brand new community.

The thing that draws them together? It’s their love of meaningful spaces. Spaces that spark new ideas, inspiration and imagination. We know that they’ll fall in love with your space, they just need a little help with finding it. Which is exactly what we do.

Spaces to work host make a profit

More revenue, with less effort

The pricing model is simple. For every booking you make via the Spacestowork platform, we take a small percentage fee. Other than that, the rest goes straight to you.

We’ve kept it simple, so you only pay for what you get. Why? This way there’s no risk to you. You don’t need to make an upfront investment. Instead, simply list your space and let us do the rest.

Spaces to work favourites

Stay uniquely you

We’re not going to ask you to change. Your business’s quirks are what make you so appealing to our guests. So we’ll help you celebrate that instead.

While there are a few small additions we like to offer our guests - available tea and coffee, decent WiFi and other basics - we ask that you keep on running your business, your way.

Become a Spacestowork host

You’ve put a lot of love into your space. It’s filled with personality. You’ve curated the unexpected and made it totally original.

So it deserves to be loved, used and celebrated as much as possible.

The only issue is… when those seats are empty, you’re not making any money. No matter how much marketing you do, there are times when your usual guests just aren’t around.

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So… what are we looking for?

Inspiring hotels

You’ve built a business that provides luxurious escapism for people to rest, relax and sleep. But what happens when everyone’s awake?

Fill up spots in slower seasons by turning your hotel spaces into workspaces during the day:

Repurpose hotel rooms as private workspaces

Turn small dining rooms into private meeting rooms

Switch event spaces into co-working spaces

Welcome new visitors into your lounge areas

Fill empty seats in your bar, restaurant and cafes

Offer upgrades to use hotel facilities

Energising cafes and restaurants

How many times have you had customers linger around just for your WiFi, as they slowly sip a single coffee over the course of an entire afternoon? It’s about time you offered them an easier alternative. One that helps you just as much as it helps them.

Invite guests to make themselves at home, without missing out on valuable customer space:

Fill tables during off-peak periods

Connect with a brand new audience

Offer a viable alternative to your WiFi loving visitors

Upgrade visitors with light lunch options
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Fresh offices and co-working spaces

The way we work is changing. But smart office owners are changing too, offering flexible desk rental to a growing force of homeworkers.

Make the most of your purpose-built office space by filling empty desks, fast:

Open up bookings, as and when you need them

Adapt your office space to a changing world of work

Fill empty desks when your own team’s out of the office

Take the pressure of overheads off your shoulders
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It’s easier than you think...

If you have an interesting space, we’d love to hear from you. All we ask is that you have a strong WiFi connection, a building with original character or a high level of design, and welcoming staff ready to greet your guests.

1. Apply

We’re particular about our hosts. Our guests have high expectations and so do we. That’s why we ask you to fill out an application form before proceeding.

We’re looking for spaces that have been created with care and attention to detail. Where the passion you have for your guests is clear. And which will be memorable to everyone who steps foot inside the door.

2. List

After we’ve reviewed your venue, we’ll walk you through our onboarding process and help you get set up with your listings. There’s space for you to share your favourite local tips, showcase your space’s amenities and add any other details that you can’t wait to share with your guests.

3. Fill

Now it’s time to fill your spaces. Capacity management comes as standard, so it’s easy to make as many (or as few) seats as available as you like, whenever you want.

Get ready to start welcoming your guests through your front doors.

Become a host

Become a host

Get ready to welcome your new guests and reach a new audience. Fill in this form and we will get in touch with you about next steps.

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